Foresight for the Week: Game and DLC Releases + Patch Notes – December 5th Edition

by | Dec 7, 2017 | News, Videogames

Foresight for the Week: Game and DLC Releases + Patch Notes – December 5th Edition

by | Dec 7, 2017 | News, Videogames |

Every Tuesday, Foresight for the Week is your guide to the gaming industry for the next seven days. With Game and DLC releases, news about upcoming cons and events, and information on the latest patches and updates, Foresight for the Week helps you stay on top of the gaming industry.

Game & DLC Releases

‘Curse of Osiris’ is the first of two planned expansions for Destiny 2. The second is yet to be named and is slated for release sometime in the spring.

“‘Curse of Osiris‘ continues your Guardian’s journey with all-new story missions and adventures set in a new destination, Mercury. Journey through time and space to learn the secrets of Osiris, avert a dark future, and rebuild the ties between the legendary Warlock and his greatest student – Ikora Rey.” 

A Hat in Time is a “cute-as-heck” title that reached almost 1000% of its original Kickstarter goal, making it the largest Kickstarter-funded indie 3D platformer to date.

“In A Hat in Time you play as a tiny space-travelling girl with a big tophat. Her adventure is halted when all her fuel, the Time Pieces, is lost and scattered across a nearby planet. Hat Kid must now jump, fight and stitch new hats to make her way into every nook and cranny of this new world in order to restore her fuel and resume her journey. On her way, she’ll bump into the menacing Mafia of Cooks, the goofy birds of Dead Bird Studio, the spooky shadows of Subcon Forest, and more!”

Steep was a bit of a disappointment when it launched last year. It wasn’t the SSX revival so many had hoped for, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good in it’s own right. For fans of snowboarding and other winter sports it’s the best and really only option out there right now.

Steep Road to the Olympics takes you on a journey to the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 in South Korea.


Freely explore a massive open world, including iconic Japanese mountains, where you will train hard and take part in qualifiers to reach the ultimate winter sports competition.


Create your own success story as you pull off awesome tricks in freestyle sports, or challenge yourself in new full-speed alpine action. Show other players what you’re made of and go for the gold!

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package has everything a player could ever hope for. This exclusive bundle is super-sized in content, with access to immense over-the-top zombie action that includes:


 Dead Rising 4 – the main game story mode.
– All downloadable content – Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, Frank Rising, and Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf.
– All bonus content – Street Fighter outfits and My Bloody Valentine packs.
– All exclusive items – Candy Cane Crossbow, Slicecycle, Sir-Ice-A-Lot, Ugly Winter Sweater, and X-Fists.


This bundle also features an all-new game mode called “Capcom Heroes,’ a new way to experience Dead Rising 4 that gives Frank West the opportunity to wear iconic outfits inspired by classic Capcom characters. While experiencing the story mode, Dead Rising 4 players can unlock new costumes and special attacks as they uncover the mystery of the zombie outbreak in Willamette.



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Indie Spotlight

Hello Neighbor, An Indie Game That Learns from Your Every Move

Our second indie feature of the week, Hello Neighbor is a game that we’ve been keeping a close eye on. Not only is the premise of the game interesting, but it’s a sort of proof of concept for the future of enemy AI. 

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure out what horrible secrets he’s hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There’ll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.” 

The game has been in an early beta for some time now, but it will finally release on both PC and Xbox One December 8.  

Patches & Updates

Patch 7.24 is full of final preseason tweaks. Quite a few champions had their stats adjusted, including nerfs to Yorick and Ezreal and a sizable buff to Darius. New champion Zoe also saw quite a few changes, chief among them being changes to her W and E.

Runes have also undergone a relatively small makeover, with the biggest changes happening to Precision. 7.24 also debuts a new healthbar for both champions and non-champions.

You can read the full LoL 7.24 patch notes here

The highly anticipated new desert map is finally here. Dubbed Miramar, the map is expansive, desolate and looks like tons of fun. In their developer post, the PUBG team revealed some of their thoughts on the newest addition to the game.

“When we decided to create a new map, we focused on creating an environment that is very different from Erangel. We wanted to go the opposite direction of having lush fields and forests and arrived at the harsh and unforgiving desert of what we can now reveal is Miramar. The unique terrain and dense urban areas of Miramar will create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required.”

Read the full Miramar reveal notes here, including descriptions of some of the maps signature locales. 

Events Calendar

PlayStation Experience 2017

PlayStation Experience 2017 returns to Anaheim, California this December 9 and 10!


PlayStation Experience is a truly magical time of year, and this year thousands of fans will descend on the lovely Anaheim Convention Center to experience the latest and greatest in PlayStation gaming. That includes hands-on time with PS4 Pro on huge, gorgeous Sony 4K HDR TVs, dozens of PlayStation VR demos, game developer panels, rare merchandise and collectibles, and a whole lot more.”

You can buy tickets to this year’s PlayStation Experience here



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