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Please fully read this Terms and Conditions document before using EKGaming.com. Your access to our website is conditional on the acceptance and compliance of all Terms found within. These terms apply to unregistered users and registered users alike.

  1. Introduction

1.1 By accessing and using our website, you agree to and accept to all Terms and Conditions in full. If you disagree with the terms laid out here, then you may not access our site or any of its services.

1.2 Registration to our site, signing up for newsletters, submission of materials, or requests for partnerships or features require expressed agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 For many of our services, our website uses cookies. By using our website and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions within, you consent to our use of cookies as they apply to our Privacy Policy.


  1. Usage

2.1 All users of this site have the following rights with the exception of those subject to other provision within these Terms and Conditions:

  • The right to views all pages from our website
  • The right to download pages from our website
  • The right and freedom to print pages from our website
  • The right to stream and view all video files from our website

2.2 Use of our website is contingent on a personal use basis, and all other uses for our website our forbidden.

2.3 Except as permitted by these Terms and Conditions, no material from this site may be repurposed, edited, or otherwise modified for distribution or personal use.

2.4 No materials from our website may be republished without our consent and knowledge

2.5 No materials from this site may be used or redistributed for commercial purposes.

2.6 Only expressly consented materials – such as newsletters and articles – may be redistributed in their full and intact form.

2.7 No users or visitors will take any actions that could cause the damage or inhibition of this sites availability, function, or services.

2.8 No users or visitors will use our website in any way for a purpose that is illegal, unlawful, fraudulent or otherwise harmful.

2.9 No users or visitors will in any way use our website to store, send, copy, transmit, publish, or share (through uses of links or otherwise) any materials that are illegal or harmful, including viruses, Trojans, worms or other malicious software.

2.10 No services or persons will conduct data collection of activities, users, or information – such as scraping or data mining or other actions – without our express written consent.

2.11 No data collected from our website will be used for marketing activities, services or actions without our express consent.


  1. Registration and Accounts

3.1 No accounts shall be registered without following the guidelines written below in regards to content shared, naming of the content, usernames, and interaction with other members of the community:

  • No obscene, offensive, or hateful language
  • No spamming of users, forums, message boards, reviews, or any other service will be tolerated
  • No intentions or actions taken to seduce, mislead, deceive, or trick other users will be tolerated
  • No sexual language (explicit or otherwise) images or terms shall be used by users
  • No hate speech, harassment, inflammatory, or abusive language or actions will be tolerated.
  • We hold the right to delete, deactive, or remove access to an account from a user at any time for any reason.
  • If users are found to be ‘trolling’, they will be sent – at this website’s discretion – to stockades for flogging, tickling, teasing, and general ribaldry.
  • If users take any actions to promote, praise, or increase the reputation of this website, we reserve the right at any time to take them out to fancy dinner, drive-thru meal, or even just a round of miniature golf.


  1. Liability

4.1 In providing information, articles, and service for free, our website will not be liable for any losses or damages of any kind.

4.2 We are not liable for any losses incurred through community interaction, discussion, or communication.

4.3 We are not liable for any businesses losses, damages, or otherwise inconveniences or impediments to services.

4.4 We are not liable for any losses of respect, appearance, or demeanor – especially by actions taken by the user themselves to damage these properties.

4.5 We are not liable in any way for any users displeasure with any game, service, or product we expressly warned them of being dangerous or better.

4.6 We are not liable for any loss, corruption, or breach of data or software.

4.7 By using our site, all users agree and consent to not bring any claims personally against employees or owners in respect to losses suffered in connection with our website.


  1. Failure to Comply with these Terms and Conditions

Failure to comply with any and all Terms and Conditions within – including breaching Terms of Service – may result in any of the actions below at our sole discretion.

  • A warning
  • Suspension of account, removing access from all services and items related to account
  • Deletion or removal of account, including all communications, posts, content, and properties posted by user.
  • Blocking of user through an IP address from access to our website.
  • Contacting legal departments and authorities for actions illegal or unlawful
  • Commencing legal actions for breach of contract or otherwise
  • Public mocking including but not limited to the posting of humorous articles, videos or materials highlighting user offenses.
  • The full force of our networking and distribution resources to inform everyone we know that you are – in fact- a booger face.


  1. Ownership Details

6.1 This website is owned and operated as a sole proprietorship under Nicholas Armstrong


  1. Copyright Notice

7.1 © Copyright September 3, 2017, Nicholas Armstrong

7.2 The copyright of EKGaming and all intellectual and creative properties within are the sole ownership of this website. This includes the reservation of all intellectual properties and materials by this website.



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