Fast Travel, a Weekly Gaming Recap – February 9th Edition

by | Feb 9, 2018 | News, Videogames

Fast Travel, a Weekly Gaming Recap – February 9th Edition

by | Feb 9, 2018 | News, Videogames | 0 comments

The Fast Travel weekly gaming recap is your resource for staying caught up on everything going on in the gaming industry. We start by highlighting a few of the week’s biggest news pieces. Then it’s on to a dollop of esports news. Followed by a helping of “The Best Thing on the Internet, This Week.” And finally, we gather up all the week’s headlines and smash them into a TL;DR pie for you to enjoy. 

This Weeks Headlines

PUBG Corp took to twitter a few days ago to announce that in January alone, they banned 1,044,000 players from PUBG for cheating. If we look at a previous tweet from BattleEye, which had a total number of bans in December at 1,500,00, that means PUBG currently has 2.5 million players banned from their servers, with almost half of those coming in a single month.   

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Grand Theft Auto V Reaches 90 Millions Copies Sold

Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 90 million copies. 90 Million! If your jaw isn’t on the floor right now, let me put that number into perspective for you.

In the history of video games, only two games have ever sold more copies than Take-Two’s GTA V. The first is Tetris with 170 million copies; the second is Minecraft with just south of 145 million copies. Tetris is the penultimate classic, so its spot at the top makes sense. Minecraft‘s success is a little more confounding, but a low price point, endless bundles and unexpected popularity help to bring sense to that number. 

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Rockstar Pushes Red Dead Redemption 2 Release to October 26, 2018

A few days ago, Rockstar announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 wouldn’t see a release until October 26, 2018, a far cry from its originally slated release date of fall 2017. This is also after a first delay came announcing the game would be released in Spring of 2018. Considering the massive success of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar may just be taking their time to make sure they do this one right. 

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Quantic Dream Created Hundreds of Offensive Photoshops of Employees

The developer behind Heavy Rain (2010) and Beyond: Two Souls (2013), Quantic Dream, has always had a mixed reputation. However, recent allegations of harassment and toxic culture have shown that there is more to worry about than simply uneven gameplay in their newest title, Detroit: Become Human. In fact, the way the evidence is piling up, it may spell disaster for the French company.

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Esports Spotlight

NA LCS Week four preview – Team Liquid Faces Off

Echo Fox has been knocked from their throne, Cloud9 and Team Liquid continue to rise, and CLG and TSM are surging forward. Last week, the mighty Huni fell to Darshan in the top lane. This week, CLG and TSM prove which team still has it, and Team Liquid has their hardest week yet as they face both Cloud9 and Echo Fox.


The Best Thing on the Internet, This Week

By far the coolest thing that happened this week was the launch and successful landing of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. Elon Musk rocketed his own Tesla Roadster into space and put a (presumably fake) astronaut dubbed ‘Starman’ behind the wheel. If all that doesn’t get you excited, then you clearly didn’t go to enough space camps as a kid, or never strapped a Hot Wheel onto a bottle rocket. 

Best of all, you can check out Starman and his adventures in live streams on the SpaceX YouTube channel. Plus, the dashboard of the Roadster has the words Don’t Panic emblazoned across it. What’s not to love?

TL;DR for the Week


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