Vive Takes VR To Another Level With Wireless Pro Headset

by | Jan 10, 2018 | News, Videogames

Vive Takes VR To Another Level With Wireless Pro Headset

by | Jan 10, 2018 | News, Videogames | 0 comments

VR is awesome as it is, but its still got a long way to go before it becomes the technology of our dreams. This week, HTC took a sizable leap forward with their introduction of the Vive Pro and the Vive wireless adapter.

The Vive Pro is an almost completely redesigned version of the original Vive, with expanded track space, a 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye display, redesigned ergonomics, 3D spatial audio with a new built-in Hi-Res certificate headset and more. It’s better in almost every way and that’s not even taking into consideration the biggest improvement of them all, the all new wireless adapter. 

Up until now, if you wanted wireless VR you had to either settle for low level devices that played cheap games and offered a subpar experience even on those, or you had to buy mediocre third-party devices that worked about as well as a knockoff N64 controller. 

With the release of the Vive wireless adapter, VR on Vive devices just became exponentially better. One of the most distracting parts about current VR is getting tangled up in chords, feeling them at your feet or bouncing off your back as you move, but that’ll all be part of the past soon. Latency with the adapter is supposed to be almost non existent thanks to powerful new GPUs that will transmit the high-res video almost instantly. 

The early reaction to the Vive Pro has been largely focused on aesthetics. A lot of people think the blue bulky device is a massive eyesore that will make anyone who wears it look ridiculous, and that’s great news for HTC. If the only thing people can find to complain about is the look of your device, then you must be doing something right. We’re a long long way off from VR devices that look ‘cool,’ so that isn’t even something companies should be worried about. 

HTC didn’t provide any pricing information or specific release dates for the Vive Pro or wireless adapter, but we expect to see both by this summer and will likely have more precise details in the coming weeks. 



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