We have a few rules if you want to be a featured streamer on EKGaming. We are a Kingdom after all, and we can’t have rogue streamers messing up our little place. Our goal is to create rules that make our jobs easier (and more orderly) as well as to make it easier for our community streamers to succeed.

Have you checked out our Youtube Guidelines? They are pretty similar.



  • No hate speech

We’re okay with cursing – we are gamers after all – but we all know that certain racist and sexist language is used solely to cause drama and push buttons. If you want to be featured, we expect you to respect this and not be hateful.


  • Set a schedule

It makes our lives and the lives of your followers and subscribers easier if you stick to a schedule. Heck, it makes your life easier too. We expect you to have a schedule that you stick to when you stream as well as a minimum stream time. We can help you devise the best times to stream for optimal viewership, but it’s on you to keep that schedule.


  • Video Archive

Video archives are a great feature on twitch – it gives your followers a chance to watch streams they missed, but it is a requirement for us that you have at least three saved videos. We need to see you in action before we throw in with you.


  • Streaming Software

Must have streaming software such as OBS or XSplit or comparable. You can’t stream if no one can see you.


  • PC requirements

Must have a PC capable of running games, Twitch, and a streaming service without clipping or errors (see Twitch recommendations). Nobody wants to watch you stream on your clippy-ass potato PC.


  • Audio/Visual Hardware

You should have equipment appropriate for streaming. Not all streamers use cameras, but if you do, let’s make sure we can see that pretty mug of yours.

  • Blue Yeti is the standard for mics. Something close or better is what you’re looking for.
  • A camera that offers 1080p (such as Logitech HD Pro C920) is a good idea if you are showing off that pretty mug of yours.


  • Promotion

We plan on promoting you. That means we feature you on the site, we may do interviews, we will offer advice on growth, and maybe we’ll send you like a gift basket or something. In return, we ask all featured streamers to include our EKGaming Logo, link, and details on their streamer page. It’ll be one big back scratching fest as long as you don’t make it weird.


  • Twitch Guidelines

You have to please more than just us and that means following all of Twitch’s guidelines as well. Twitch is more than happy to ban violators of their guidelines or terms and conditions, so if you get Twitch banned, you better believe we aren’t going to promote you anymore. We don’t want to catch that stink.


  • Terms and Conditions

We have one of these things (it was a pain in the butt). Basically, if you are agreeing to let us feature you, you should understand that all of our rules for content, community, and guidelines apply.


  • Hosting

Spread the love! Hosting is a good way to get more viewers and support other people starting out. We especially encourage you to host fellow EKGaming streamers. Back scratching all around!


  • Homepage

Make sure your homepage has proper details and is easily understandable. Have your stream times and other information your fans want to see (we can also help you with this.

Submission for Featured Streamer



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