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Enjoy having your face all up in your gameplay.

A lot of people don’t even watch TV anymore; they just watch youtubers. We are among them (except for Stranger Things and some other awesome shows). But we get it. There’s great content out there like the stuff Game Grumps put out, and there’s great commentary out there like Crowbcat, and some of it is just hilarious, like Videogamedunkey. The point is, we think the future is in content creators, and we want to support them, or you if you happen to be one of those dudes. Check out our “getting started on youtube” section for more details.



If you want to be one of our partners, read our rules, see if you fit the bill, and send us a message. If we are a good fit, you’ll let everyone know you’re a member of the Kingdom (that’s us) on your about page, and you’ll promote us as a pal on youtube.



We promote Youtube content all over our site. We do it on our homepage, on our articles, on our esports section, and under our Youtube section. Any of those spots could contain you (as a constant promotion). So that’s a cool way to get traction. We can even link specific youtube videos for types of content (like FPS, RPG, etc.) or we can throw a link to a Let’s Play on a game if we talk about it. It all depends on the specific content creator.

We are also building a Youtuber section that we want to have the best of the best as well as the upcoming stars on Youtube. Hopefully, that’s you guys. We want everyone to know about awesome content and we want you to see the benefit of it.

 Lastly, we are always in talks with companies to get discounts on gear – mics, software, keyboards, etc. – to pass on to our community. We even have plans to get product keys and other early access stuff to give to our partners, mostly because we don’t have the time to play all those games, and you guys are probably better at making it interesting anyway.

If you’re interested, check our requirements below and drop us a line!




No Hate Speech
We’re okay with cursing – we are gamers after all – but we all know that certain racist and sexist language is used solely to cause drama and push buttons. If you want to be a part of EKGaming, no hate speech.

We plan on promoting you on our site. That means we link to your site, you go under our streamer section, and we try and get you discounts, game codes, and basically anything else we can. In return, we’d like you to partner with our Youtube account as one of your pals. It’s a back scratching thing.

Terms and Conditions
We have one of these things (it was a pain in the butt). Basically, if you are agreeing to let us feature you, you should understand that all of our rules for content, community, and guidelines apply.

Are you interested in Joining the EKGAMING Community as a featured Youtuber? Connect with at



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