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One day you too can be yelled at by your subs.

Livestreaming is the wave of the future. Many streamers make a good living, and some make a great living, and we want to support that. Our goal is to create a huge network of streamers, a group that can help each other out, that can all congregate to discuss strategy, and that can have fun. If you’re interested in streaming, the first thing you should do is read our article on getting started streaming. After that, if you’ve got all the creds, drop us a line.


Essentially, any streamer that wants to be a part of EKGaming just has to contact us. If you fit the bill, then you throw our logo and a link to our livestreaming section onto your Twitch homepage so everyone can see that you’re a part of the Kingdom!




Lots of stuff, and we plan on growing how much stuff continually. Right now, the plan is to partner with tons of people that make the stuff streamers need – everything from greenscreens and mics to software and sound proofing. Our goal is to find great partners and then give our community discounts on all the goods. That’s step one.

We are also building out a partner section of our site that will feature links and bios to every streamer that is a part of our kingdom. We don’t expect people to represent us if we aren’t willing to do the same.

On top of all that, we think there is a place for great, curated content on gaming sites. Our goal is to create a livestreaming section that not only broadcasts some of the best Twitch streamers but also streamers who make amazing content but are still building their following. And that isn’t everything, but the best stuff is down the road as we continue to grow with alongside our community.

If you’re interested, check out our requirements here and then drop us a line if you fit the bill!




No Hate Speech
We’re okay with cursing – we are gamers after all – but we all know that certain racist and sexist language is used solely to cause drama and push buttons. If you want to be a part of EKGaming, no hate speech.

We plan on promoting you on our site. That means we link to your site, you go under our streamer section, and we try and get you discounts, game codes, and basically anything else we can. In return, you put our logo on your page and link back to us. It’s a back scratching thing.

Terms and Conditions
We have one of these things (it was a pain in the butt). Basically, if you are agreeing to let us feature you, you should understand that all of our rules for content, community, and guidelines apply.

Spread the love! Hosting is a good way to get more viewers and support other people starting out. We especially encourage you to host fellow EKGaming streamers. Back scratching all around!

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